5 Ways To Flirt With Gay Men

Who says flirting has to be difficult when you can master just five ways of teasing that will work every time?There are many different flirting techniques one can use to try and catch another guy’s attention but if you stick to these five ones I guarantee you will have them eating out of the palm of your hands.

1. Eye Contact:
This is probably one of the greatest things known to man. Making, keeping and continuing eye contact says more to a gay man than sometimes words. If you’re interested in someone, you need to make sure you stare them down until they realize they have your attention. Once you make eye contact don’t immediately look away but keep it until you want to look away to make eye contact one more time. Repetitive eye contact is key.

Sometimes eye contact could end up lasting much longer than expected if no one is making the physical move to go on over and start up a conversation. Until someone musters up enough courage to do so make sure you’re making the eye contact with the hottie throughout the rest of your night to ensure a happy ending.

2.Body Language:

If you’re closed off and insecure, then there is no way anyone will perceive that as flirting. You need to make sure you’re making some sort of physical connection and touch to leave them curious about the other places you want to be touching them. Always face their direction and give them your full attention by listening, looking and reacting in their direction, so they don’t think you’re blowing them off.

I know flirting can be intimidating, but that’s why you don’t always have to use words but your touch to show someone you’re interested instead of saying it.

3. Smirk/Smiling:

This one is key because who thinks a sour face and pouty lips is a cute flirty, approachable face? No one. You want to look presentable and friendly, or you’re just going to scare everyone away with your intimidating looks.

Make sure you let loose and really let your inner being shine because you can definitely see it in someone’s smile so leave your insecurities at home.

4. Pick Up Line:

I know one liner are really cheesy, but they can actually work in your favor sometimes. If you are looking for someone with a good sense of humor whether you totally botch the execution of the joke or successfully hit your punch line, there’s no harm in having a good one on the back burner. For example, “Do you work for UPS? I thought I saw you checking out my package,” may be the perfect ice breaker for the hottie you’ve been checking out for some time.

Based on their reaction, you could hit it off, and hopefully, you’ll have a similar reaction when someone uses this on you because you know that it takes a lot of courage to lay one out there!

5. Persistency:

I understand that you have to move on if you’ve been rejected, but there’s nothing sexier than meeting someone who knows exactly what they want, more importantly, who they want. It’s refreshing to meet someone who has standards and isn’t desperately searching every night for someone new to go home with.

Make sure you’ve tried multiple attempts to get at someone you’re actually interested in starting something with, whether it be a one night stand or possibly more.

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