5 Of The Most Famous Gay Men

I know it’s hard to differentiate famous people from the normal citizens you deal with on the daily but yes.. even famous people have to be gay. Not only are they famous but they are worth a great amount of money and continue to conquer the world in their own domain successfully.

You may have an idea on a couple of these men but if not you’re in for a treat!

1. Tim Cook:

Not only is he successful but he successfully came out of the closet. The current Apple CEO is the first executive officer to come out in Fortune 500. Not only does he impress on paper but he is courageous as well by embracing his sexual orientation regardless of the inevitable reactions he may have received from doing so.

2. Anderson Cooper:

The famous anchorman on CNN news tells people current events as well as what he is all about. He released an email coming out and letting the world that he is ready to accept who he really is and since then he has continued to do so. His highly successful career, as the primary anchorman, is only one of the many things he has succeeded in throughout his lifetime, including a book he wrote about mild dyslexia he’s dealt with since he was younger.

3. Ryan Murphy:

The widely known creator and producer to some of the most popular TV series. He has not only started off his strong career beginning in 1999 but still continuing with the current AHS and Scream Queens that people are dying to watch, not literally like those poor actors. He has definitely climbed the ranks of success and is still creating and producing many more exciting series for the future.

4. Andy Cohen:

Ah, the handsome Bravo host, talk show and radio host that the world can’t seem to get enough of! He is so incredibly talented and just so happens to be gay! He has even released some of his own TV shows and starred in personal movies, so there is no stopping this charmer!

5. Peter Thiel:

This highly educated entrepreneur, philanthropist, social activist, and the author is widely successful and apart from a variety of impressive things. He is German-American so even though he has half citizenship he is fully gay! With his main career being a hedge fund founder with his multiple business ventures he plans on continuing his achievements by keeping up with his latest ventures and operations.

Now, I know you know who these men are but if you can’t put a face to the name I highly suggest looking these hunks up! They are definitely handsome and some of the most successful gay men on this earth! There are many more handsome, gay and highly successful men where that came from. Who says sexual orientation has to affect your career and success? No one has or ever will again! These men sure didn’t let anything stop them from reaching the top.

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