3 Hilarious Facts About Mike Pence’s Gay Party

If you don’t know about Mike Pence‘s offensive remarks and stance in regards to the gay community, let me fill you in really quick. He is entirely against anything pro-gay along with accepting anything or anyone apart from the gay culture. Since his hatred will now be held to a higher degree since he took his political position this past week, many people felt the need to throw him a congratulations party.

Little did he know that there are more parties where that came from and that he will be dealing with the consequences that he deserves by spreading hate and ignoring the equality of love.

1. He wasn’t even there.

Obviously, the party was meant to him, and the SOB wasn’t even there to enjoy it! He was across town hosting a dinner party for some sort of National Gallery opening. I’m pretty sure he is disappointed that he missed out on all of the ruckuses. Even though his appearance wasn’t made it didn’t stop the people from dancing, twerking, loving and living that night to the fullest right in front of his household.

Even his neighbors came out to play and put all of their “pride flags” around their house to ensure that just because they live in his vicinity doesn’t mean they agree with a word that man says. It’s nice to know that the love and party will still continue even though the main man wasn’t there to be apart of such a historic night.

2. There was a hashtag made for this event #DisruptJ20.

Are you really surprised? Hashtags are awesome and help an event gain much more attention. Despite being a little more random than the typical “spreadlovenothate” hashtags, this one is definitely one to remember. Don’t forget to look up these hashtags on the social media sites to keep up with the latest posts and

3. There was nonstop, “Daddy Pence, come dance,” chant

Now there’s a catchy chant if I’ve ever heard one myself. Now only if he were there to actually here this in the streets would have been the cherry on top. Bouncing off of Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s latest hits, people gathered to show off their dance moves and of course take part in this chanting. Hoping this one doesn’t die too fast because he deserves to feel a little uncomfortable due to all of his petty remarks towards the gay community.

If you haven’t checked out the variety of videos online, please do so and take part in supporting the gay community even if that means keeping, “ Daddy Pence, come dance!” alive for just a few more months. Heck, even look up the hashtag, and I’m sure you’ll see all of the pictures and videos were taken that night. You’ll feel like you’ve been apart of one of the most famous dance parties ever to be hosted on a Vice President’s front yard.

Check out the video below to learn more about this!